Okie Quota Tournamet Rules

Modified Stableford Quota Format

This format is based on your established handicap minus 36 which gives you your first day quota. A maximum handicap of 22 is allowed for this format, however if your handicap is higher than 22, you are welcome to play but your handicap will be lowered to 22 for this tournament.

Example: Your handicap is 14, (14 – 36 = 22);
22 will be your first day quota. If you have a 6 handicap (6 – 36 = 30) your quota would be 30, etc.

Scoring is based on scratch score on a hole (your handicap is already used to get your individual quota). You get points towards your quota based on the following:

Double Bogey or more on a hole = 0 points Bogey = 1 point Par = 2 points Birdie = 4 points Eagle = 6 points Double Eagle = 8 points

After the first round; your quota will be adjusted based on how much you went over your quota or under your quota and then add or subtract 50%.

Example: Your first day quota was 22, and based on the scoring above, you made 18 points, your first round score would be – 4
(18 – 22 = -4). 50% of – 4 is – 2, so your next round quota would be 20. If you had scored 25 points on first round your first round score would be + 3 (25 – 22 = +3). Your next round adjustment would be + 1.5 (50% of + 3), so your next round quota would be 23.5.

You will also be adjusted after the 2nd round for your final round quota.

The team score will be based on the cumulative total of both players. Example; first round scores were + 3 and -6 for a total of -3.

The overall team score will be determined by adding each rounds team quota scores.

In the event of team ties on daily rounds; the money will be equally divided between the tied teams. For example, three teams tie for 3rd place, all three would receive 4th place money.

In the event of team ties for the top three overall team standings, ties will be broken based upon your best two team quota rounds total and
dropping your worst team quota round. If a second tiebreaker is needed it will be determined by the last round team total.